Wednesday, January 2, 2019

KPOP Dolls, Pillows and Plushies (All the Squishy Squishies)

I really love these cute dolls, Since a child I love stuffed toys and loves to collect them. Since I became a KPOP fan, I've started to get these dolls whenever I can. 

My KPOP Biases are BAP Himchan, Infinite Sung Gyu, Highlight's Dong Woon, iKON's Jinhwan, and GOT7 Jin Young. 

So my dolls are basically from these groups. ;)  

These are fangoods, except for Jin Young's GOTOON Doll. The Matoki dolls are official Santa versions too. 

 I love dressing them up as well. :) These doll's clothes are more expensive than my shirts! 

 So for the 2nd version of GOT7 dolls, i bought JJProject. :P JB and Jin Young's Doll. 

The version 2 is much larger than the first one. Also regardless if they are official or not (fan produced) these dolls almost costs the same! about 30 to 40USD each. 

These Korean doll makers are really good, they are able to capture the idol's personality through these dolls, and you can actually tell which one is which. Like, this is called Oguchan Doll for BAP Himchan. The doll looked spaced out as Himchan was mostly. (Haaa this doll stressed me out the most because the group order for this was a disaster, the Philippine GO manager ran away with our money!!!)

Okay, So i also got a couple of Infinite Dolls, Myungsoo's LKitten Kim doll, Woo Hyun's Nam Seon Bae, and Dong Woo's Dongvee Doll and my Favorite Poohgyu Doll, which is quite famous among inspirits because Gyu actually held one during Infinite concert. Even Myungsoo held one and was quite laughing at it because it has no eyes! hehe Inspirits did really good teasing Gyu with this doll and this doll's price sure went up as we all went crazy looking for one.

For Highlight, Here is the Dong Woon Doll, with purple eyes because that is basically his color! :D

More on Infinite, Here are some more dolls of Kyu. 

Airport Kyu Doll

 This one is called Brownie Kyu Doll. =) Below, is a pillow of Himchan's. All official Concert Goods. =)

An Official Dadamato Doll, Jong Up's - the only one i could get my hands on for the non Christmas version. hehe

A plushie of Sung Gyu's fansite called In The Snow and official Tatsmato mini doll version

Matoki Dolls Complete Santa Versions

Maknae's Doll - TotoMato

 Dadamato - Jongup's Matoki version

 JokoMato - YoungJae's Doll

Daehyun - Kekemato Doll

Himchan's Doll - Tatsmato
 Yongguk (Leader) Doll - Shishimato

All dolls come with its ecopouch, and cute mato colored labels.


Stray Kids, GOT7 and New BAP (B.A.P) Concert Lightsticks

Stray Kids Lightstick

B.A.P Limited Concert Lightstick
B.A.P Japan Concert Lightstick

GOT7 Ahgabong Version 2 Lightstick 

 GOT7 Ahgaring

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Go Die! Cafe in Ximen, Taipei (The Wall of Lighsticks)

I did not even know that the lightstick wall I saw on a couple of Instagram posts was from a Cafe in Taipei. Thankfully we met a fellow Babyz (B.A.P fan) in Taipei and she has a friend who knows where it is located in Xi Men Square. 

XiMen Square Intersection

I Honestly do not know the street we walked into. It was just a small one and the Cafe was really in a small alley! 

In the counter, there was an FTIsland event. The staff told us that we had to buy one for each of us if we want to stay and take photos. It was also explicitly said that one must NOT touch anything! 

So here's the collection inside the small cafe. 

There were complete Doll Collection of GOT7, BAP Matokis, Krunks, Skullhong, Bigbang Figures. 


There is also this limited (GOLD) edition of Infinite Headphones. This costs a fortune! The Mini lightsticks are cute too along with some official merchandise like fans! =) 

There was the K-Star Road Gangnamdol too.


More GOT7 official goods, like their Just Right Album USB. Whoah its even complete! Also, the baby figure is displayed, and they are so cute! Below are the Exo figure. 

So few of the lightsticks on the wall are as GOT7, Astro, Highlight

 Infinite Lightsticks has the Japan version too, ah they are so beautiful. I wish I have these too!! 

 The Matoki Lightsticks. Both versions available in there too! 

Japan Version Lightsticks for Winner, iKON, and Bigbang.

 So, here's all of them in one wall. Pick your fave! =P 


KPOP Dolls, Pillows and Plushies (All the Squishy Squishies)

    I really love these cute dolls, Since a child I love stuffed toys and loves to collect them. Since I became a KPOP fan, I've s...