Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Go Die! Cafe in Ximen, Taipei (The Wall of Lighsticks)

I did not even know that the lightstick wall I saw on a couple of Instagram posts was from a Cafe in Taipei. Thankfully we met a fellow Babyz (B.A.P fan) in Taipei and she has a friend who knows where it is located in Xi Men Square. 

XiMen Square Intersection

I Honestly do not know the street we walked into. It was just a small one and the Cafe was really in a small alley! 

In the counter, there was an FTIsland event. The staff told us that we had to buy one for each of us if we want to stay and take photos. It was also explicitly said that one must NOT touch anything! 

So here's the collection inside the small cafe. 

There were complete Doll Collection of GOT7, BAP Matokis, Krunks, Skullhong, Bigbang Figures. 


There is also this limited (GOLD) edition of Infinite Headphones. This costs a fortune! The Mini lightsticks are cute too along with some official merchandise like fans! =) 

There was the K-Star Road Gangnamdol too.


More GOT7 official goods, like their Just Right Album USB. Whoah its even complete! Also, the baby figure is displayed, and they are so cute! Below are the Exo figure. 

So few of the lightsticks on the wall are as GOT7, Astro, Highlight

 Infinite Lightsticks has the Japan version too, ah they are so beautiful. I wish I have these too!! 

 The Matoki Lightsticks. Both versions available in there too! 

Japan Version Lightsticks for Winner, iKON, and Bigbang.

 So, here's all of them in one wall. Pick your fave! =P 


Saturday, July 14, 2018

B.A.P Limited in Taipei (Concert)

2 Weeks later, With Bangkok Concert still very clear and vivid in my memories... Off we go to Taiwan for their Taipei Concert of the same title. BAP goes to Taiwan and I am sure as happy as a kid that got her Christmas presents early. I am so excited, yet again. Our flight from Manila was at 30 minutes before midnight, with an estimated arrival of about 1 AM. We are to claim our SIM Cards there so I expect us to wait until the counter opens at 5AM according to the instructions, luckily it was open when we arrived.  Since it is about 3AM, the MRT is still close. So we had to take the bus going to the Taipei Central City. It costs $140. Then from the Central Station, We took a cab that costs $200 to our hostel. Pretty decent amount, at least we did not have to pay for the $700 that some contract drivers in the airport was asking from us whilst we try to figure out how to purchase this ticket.  

Also, if you are coming to Taiwan with no Easy Card, They are conveniently available in 7 Eleven stores. Purchase from there and get to choose the designs you want. They are really cute! We got ours in the Taipei 101 souvenir shop. If your main purpose of coming to Taiwan is for an event or concert too, and your tickets are purchased online in ibonticketing... Worry not! All 7 eleven stores there have kiosks that will issue you your ticket. Just have your QR code ready, pay for the ticket processing fee and claim your tickets! =) 

As for us, we asked the attendant to help us print the ticket. It was our first time; and it was done with ease. The MRT fare is pretty cheaper than expected, or maybe we just around some really near places. Like the Shilin Night Market or the Xi Men Square, where you can find the KPOP cafe that displays a lot of KPOP official goods like Lightsticks, and dolls, and figures, etc. This post leads you to my post of that experience. =)

So the night before the concert, my friend and I prepared our gifts and letters for BAP. Went to sleep just in time, woke up a bit late and got ready for the day of the concert. We live near the venue in TICC so it was just a few minutes walk.

On concert day, we ate in Taipei 101 food court, went to the venue and found no other signs that BAP Limited in Taipei is happening except for the TV Screen on the lobby. There were no banners, nor posters and signage outside the venue. You can pretty much know there is an event because of some sellers near the entrance of the venue alone but that's it.  So as for the concert itself, if you get a rehearsal perks, your ticket will be stamped like mine, and then you will be asked to get a number so this is by luck. I got 2nd row! :D Its a good one!! =)

 After the rehearsal, we were asked to leave the venue and got in line again for the concert! =)  it happened so fast and We were seated already waiting for BAP! =) Yesss it was sooo wonderful. Taiwan Babyz prepared a fan project. After the Song With You... a video was played and by the reaction of BAP Members, we know they were really touched by it.

My concert experience for Bangkok and for Taipei are quite different from each other. Both are best times of my life. Meeting Babyz, from all over the world coming together for BAP... and Meeting BAP and even being able to tell them I love and respect and appreciate their music... It is all worth the travel, my leave from work, and the cost. I never have thought I could even go watch them live about a year ago. But now! I have and have the most remarkable experience! When you guys have the chance, go for it. Watch a concert of your favorite group, or band. Save for it! Prioritize it over merchandise. When you have money years from now, you can always try and find merchandises but you can never turn back time and ask them to do a concert anytime anymore... so when they do have a schedule... try with all your might to Experience it!

Concert Goodies

Tatsmato and my Concert Tag
TICC - Concert Venue

Fan Project: Photo by Him Chan

B.A.P Limited in Bangkok (Concert)

My First ever (solo) KPOP Concert experience is with B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect). The moment it was announced, me and my Baby (BAP Fandom name) friends immediately decided we are going to watch it.

Ticketing was a breeze. We waited for the ticket open sale at around 10AM and got a queue number. It was good queue number because we got into the first 150 tickets. We paid for using credit cards and received our confirmation from emails. The ticketing site used is Ticketmelon.

The day came and we were so ready for BAP! It was an early morning flight from the Philippines to Thailand. Armed with excitement and our love for our biases, we boarded the plane and arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Getting to the main city was quick too, we got tokens for the Airport Train to Bangkok City Center and went to find our hotel, which is not difficult to find too.

Being a KPOP fan, I had an idea about GOT7 being popular here too, so I when we went to the convenient store to get some drinks, I just had to check out the Est Cola they were endorsing.  Luckily there's JinYoung cover!!! My friend also bought JB's because Jb is her bias in GOT7. 

I bought just one and had this as my drink as we scour the area for our late lunch (our first meal in Bangkok). We also went to Terminal 21 in the afternoon for some stroll at the mall. Here is the link to that blog post. 

Fast forward to the day of the CONCERT!!!! We went to GMM Live house early. We even got lost because we went to a different side of the building (mall). I think we were there at 11am, and a lot of babyz were already waiting for the GMM Live house to open!!! Wah, so exciting! Everyone is so early.

We know the ticket is to be released by noon, so we went to Mcdonald's first to have our lunch before we battle for the rest of the day. We found some Babyz in there too, and a couple of them were even giving out stuffs already.
View from the MRT Walkway

Video wall playing BAP Ads in GMM Live House

Onsite, Waiting for the concert to start
For this concert, We won the hi touch perks. My friend's ticket got a photo op but she had it exchanged with another babyz in the venue for a Hi touch. Hours before the concert, a lot of babyz were giving out freebies like photocards, and banners. There were Dae Hyun Banners too because the Concert date in Bangkok is just a week before Dae's birthday. =) 

The concert started on time, the line was a bit disorderly though because there was not much space around the auditorium where we were told to form a line; but we managed. They were so meticulous in checking the bags, so all camera's were asked to be deposited to a counter. 

 The Concert became a bit emotional during ment when Young Jae was close to tears himself. He was just so thankful for their fans for waiting for them. It was 6 months of no comeback, and shows whatsoever. it felt years! I am so glad we went to BKK Limited. Him Chan even came down and walked in our aisle, I touched him!!! Omy God! it was the best experience ever! 

After the concert, all those who got the Hi Touch were asked to wait where you are... and we lined up for the Hi touch! First was Junhong or Zelo, followed by Yong Guk, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, Him Chan and last on the line is Jong Up! 

They were smiling so wonderfully, so sweet and welcoming you can feel how much they love you, it doesnt show on their faces nor actions that they just finished performing for abour 2 and a half hours. If they were really tired, there was no hint of it in their faces as they all greeted me, and looked in my eye with so much joy and love. 

I remember I was surprised with how Dae Hyun looked up close. He was so handsome, He smiled beautifully, and greeted me. I shouted his name! I shouted Young Jae's name too and told them they sing well. Zelo was the first one, I remember telling him that he should always take care of his health. He bowed his head to me! He's so tall! 

Him Chan... oh, After Young Jae, it was Him Chan. I remember looking into his eyes, I see his smile, his tiny dimples and wow this guy is glowing! He is so handsome all the photos of him do not do him justice. He is beyond perfect. I hi-fived him with my right hand, told him I love him so much... shook it a bit and then I just went for it and raised my left hand. I sure held his hands a few seconds more squeezed it while looking at him in the eye telling him I love him. I had lost it, I had nothing to say except I love him! He just let me do it... still smiling! It happened so fast but it was the best moment of my life! A dream come true, holding their hands, seeing them up close, telling them how much I love and appreciate them...

Concert Freebies

Go Die! Cafe in Ximen, Taipei (The Wall of Lighsticks)

I did not even know that the lightstick wall I saw on a couple of Instagram posts was from a Cafe in Taipei. Thankfully we met a fellow...