Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Go Die! Cafe in Ximen, Taipei (The Wall of Lighsticks)

I did not even know that the lightstick wall I saw on a couple of Instagram posts was from a Cafe in Taipei. Thankfully we met a fellow Babyz (B.A.P fan) in Taipei and she has a friend who knows where it is located in Xi Men Square. 

XiMen Square Intersection

I Honestly do not know the street we walked into. It was just a small one and the Cafe was really in a small alley! 

In the counter, there was an FTIsland event. The staff told us that we had to buy one for each of us if we want to stay and take photos. It was also explicitly said that one must NOT touch anything! 

So here's the collection inside the small cafe. 

There were complete Doll Collection of GOT7, BAP Matokis, Krunks, Skullhong, Bigbang Figures. 


There is also this limited (GOLD) edition of Infinite Headphones. This costs a fortune! The Mini lightsticks are cute too along with some official merchandise like fans! =) 

There was the K-Star Road Gangnamdol too.


More GOT7 official goods, like their Just Right Album USB. Whoah its even complete! Also, the baby figure is displayed, and they are so cute! Below are the Exo figure. 

So few of the lightsticks on the wall are as GOT7, Astro, Highlight

 Infinite Lightsticks has the Japan version too, ah they are so beautiful. I wish I have these too!! 

 The Matoki Lightsticks. Both versions available in there too! 

Japan Version Lightsticks for Winner, iKON, and Bigbang.

 So, here's all of them in one wall. Pick your fave! =P 


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